Michael Friedrich

Michael Friedrich


Michael Friedrich is a writer living in Brooklyn who covers culture and social justice. His work has appeared in The Nation, The New Republic, The Baffler, and CityLab. He also writes research, policy, and grant materials for nonprofits.

Before writing full time, Friedrich spent five years researching criminal-justice reform strategies for a nonprofit based at John Jay College. Before that, he studied English literature at Hunter College. Earlier still, he was very serious about making punk music. (Actually, he’s still a punk.)He grew up in Maryland and on Long Island.

You can email him at mafriedrich@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


If you read just one article by Michael Friedrich, make it one of these.

The Rise of the Mindful Museum

Art museums have begun to gesture ever more vaguely at some notion of mindfulness, eager for the branding and the boring authority the term promises.

A Male Feminist’s Crisis 

Lynne Tillman’s novel Men and Apparitions dissects the New Man and other haunted images.

The High Line is Trolling Us 

The public art on New York City’s High Line is a striking emblem of urban inequality — and it's trolling us.

View a full list of publications here. Samples of nonprofit writing are available upon request.